This is a blog about culture and whatever in California’s Central Valley.


You know how the pandemic sent people off to WFH in Bali, change careers, come out as transgender, and such? I moved back to the town where I grew up. This was high on the list of things I’d never do, until I did it.

Didn’t this use to be a Connecticut indie music blog?

Yes. Connecticut is full of awesome indie musicians. Some are covered here. I miss Cafe Nine and Best Video intensely, but hey… some people never get to experience these places.

Do you like rural California?

Yes. Welcome to the agripunk future, where robots skitter past the almond orchards to deliver your groceries.

Is that your car in the header?

No. That’s from Graffiti Fest 2022. I live in the town where George Lucas grew up, a place he’s tried to forget, but we ain’t lettin’ him. Car culture is huge here. Now that American Graffiti is, other than Gallo Wine, our major contribution to pop culture, car culture is enormous here.

Why emus, though?

Back around 2010-2012, I had a music blog that covered indie acts nationally and paired them with recipes, which was honestly a stupid thing to do, but I was stuck in Phoenix and bored at the time. It got the “emu is emo” name as some sort of joke or pun, and I’ve just… kept the emu thing. It’s easier to spell than “aardvark,” anyway.