Bleed out with LABARA’s new single

Your Halloween playlist song for existential burnout if Labara’s “Bleeding Out,” from the upcoming Halloween EP (out October 15). 

It opens with such a friendly little riff, the sort of monster-mash riff that makes horrors friendly and fun. That’s a fake-out. That’s Thursday morning in the neverending pandemic, when the coffee is hot and you haven’t read the news beyond taking a Buzzfeed quiz about how your taste in Disney princesses matches you with a fall treat.

What happens next is a leisurely, lofi-yet-high-tech wander through a blasted landscape of attrition and conspiracy theories. For me, the song is a musical expression of that disassociated late-pandemic feeling that goals ought to matter but everything is falling apart. There’s a moment of instrumental urgency on the bridge, similar to the early evening conviction that tomorrow will be better, more productive, and make more sense, and it needs to because we’re all a year older and for what?

“Time is bleeding out” indeed.

Listen below, buy on Bandcamp!

Bleeding Out by LABARA

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