Bond Villain invites you to the Deadman party

bondvillainWhy you need it: It’s got the sturm, it’s got the drang, it seems to be the villain’s point of view as tormented and ultimately sympathetic — and at least one track, you can dance to

Style: orchestral alternative rock

Bond Villain’s new EP Deadman is an aural comic book in the most exciting way — intense, concise, high-drama action that uses familiar forms to put a fresh twist on familiar themes.

It’s also a jab in the eye for playlist-centric music enthusiasts like me, as it tells such a compelling story as a 10-minute EP that you’ll want to listen and re-listen in its entirety. Spotify link if you can’t see an embed.

Villainous plays menacingly over the title credits of your life. It’s the essence of menacing movie theme, with storm clouds rolling in (or possibly tanks… or zombies… or the approaching asteroid…).

Deadman invites Imagine Dragons to Oingo Boingo’s Dead Man’s Party, which gets the party started. Count the seconds until you start inventing a group dance. “You thought I was lost / you can’t tame a ghost” demands to be a tattoo. If you’re determined to playlist one song, this is it — it’s got momentum, the lyrics are both catchy and complex, and while it’s probably the anthem for the invading army of the undead, it’s inspiring af and you’ll want to shuffle off to conquer Buffalo with them.

Stumble sits the supervillain at the piano, like Ryan Tedder turned evil. The “you’ll never see me break my step” glide into falsetto will break your heart and motivate you to put every villain, ever, in leather pants. It’s also a smart view into the divide between outward strength and inward doubt.

Die for You is the big climactic scene when “the sky is lit with blossoming forms / fireballs falling to outstretched arms.” The lyrics are a wrenching, almost meta, take on how the tension between heroism and villainy resolves.

If you’re on the “set a timer and tackle household chores” plan of holding back entropy, Deadman is a great fit, but be warned, your aesthetic may switch to Supervillain Pad, complete with egg chair, white cat, and panoramic view of the city you intend to destroy.

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