Fast Track Bands: Punk, Alt-Rock, Hip-Hop

arms and phones waving
Crowd goes wild at the conclusion of Mooncha’s set at The State House

Here’s who I’ve seen live over the past couple days. I went to two shows in a row where the bands are at the Brooklyn Vegan level of cred and my videos turned out dark, so eh, here’s who I saw and you can decide if you want to see them.

I’m still getting a feel for what shows I want to go to. Do I aim for the “greats” of the region so I appreciate the full range of what’s available or go after the undiscovered? Stick with genres I know I like or challenge myself, at the risk of attending shows I truly don’t understand? Also, who has the best selection of local craft beer?

Two Headed Girl

Identical twins from Hartford fall in with my naming scheme their sound “twincore”: it’s queer emo mathcore with vocal harmonies. The obvious track to showcase is “Favorite Song.”

Well Wisher

Alternative pop-punk, heavy on the alternative and the punk.

Weakened Friends

Maine band creates guitar-heavy bangers about feeling miserable.


The queer feminist space-themed alt-R&B-flavored hip-hop you didn’t know you needed.


You had a vivid dream about seeing an amazing alt-rock band at a club in the 1990s and became obsessed with trying to match the lyrical fragments you recall with possible existing songs. Also, if this was a product of your subconscious, your subconscious has incredible guitar work.

Honey Cutt

Veruca Salt moves to Florida and picks up surf-rock elements. You cannot decide if this makes you happy or sad, so you order another drink with an umbrella and rock out on the sand. (Honey Cutt is actually from Boston.)

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